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03 december 2019, 11:08

Russian company engaged in the production of seal products is interested in finding distributors.

A Russian company engaged in the supply of seal products offers cold-pressed fat from the seal for medical purposes. The company is interested in finding distributors.

03 december 2019, 10:50

Russian producer of cosmetics and other wellness products is looking for distributors

A Russian company from Novosibirsk region is active in the production and development of cosmetics and other wellness products, for detoxification during bath and SPA-procedures (wrapping). The composition of the products with herbal ingredients corresponds to the composition of the internal environment of the body (lymph). The company is looking for partners under the distribution services agreement.

10 september 2019, 10:51

Application of health-improving organic acids as food colorants, preservatives, antioxidants, taste improvers, gelation agents

A Russian University (Novosibirsk) has developed formulations and production methods for food products using organic acids as food additives. Application of the offered organic acids improves organoleptic parameters and biological value of food products; it can provide them with special functionality, thus expanding the product range. The authors seek partners for industrial implementation of the results and for further research.

03 september 2019, 16:44

Highly effective natural probiotic bioproducts, free of colors and preservatives, for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases

A company from Koltsovo (Novosibirsk region, Russia) developed fermented dairy products with probiotics (bifidobacteria and lactobacteria) for prevention and treatment of gastrointestinal diseases. The company applies special technologies of probiotic strain selection and immobilization to protect probiotics from destruction in the stomach. The products’ effectiveness is proved by clinical trials. The company looks for business partners and distributors, or a joint venture agreement.

28 january 2019, 18:17

Innovative low toxic drug for the treatment of Parkinson's disease on the basis of monoterpenes

Russian scientists from Novosibirsk institute synthesized a highly effective agent for the treatment of Parkinson's disease (PD) based on monoterpenoid that is not inferior to levodopa (traditional treatment of PD) in effectiveness, but is significantly less toxic and procures no significant side effects. The organization is looking for a partner for full-scale development of new high-performance connection and safe drug for the treatment of Parkinson's disease on the basis of the proposed agent.

28 january 2019, 07:45

Biological preparations based on predacious fungi against parasitic nematodes (threadworms) of plants and animals

The company from Novosibirsk, active in development of biological preparations based on predacious fungus against parasitic nematodes (threadworms) of plants and animals, is looking for partners for organization of industrial production and joint production of soils, protected from nematodes, in production agreement.

27 january 2019, 02:59

Highly efficient substance of nanosilver (cluster silver) for medical, veterinary, food and other industrial purposes

Innovation company from Novosibirsk has developed, certified and organized production of highly efficient substance of nanosilver (cluster silver). The substance is non-toxic and allowed for use in food industry. The substance is used in production of silver-containing products for medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, hygiene. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation.

24 january 2019, 04:59

Technology for production of the preparation against plant pests using natural viruses that are safe for humans.

A group of biotechnologists from the Science Town of Koltsovo (Russia) has developed a preparation designed for protection of plants from parasites. The technology is based on the use of insect viruses, which are natural enemies of parasites. Technology is safe for humans and plants, has a more effective strain than the analogues and a different composition of the final product. The authors are interested in license agreement or technical cooperation.

24 january 2019, 04:26

A frying pan cassette that allows the air passing through and adsorbs oil and water splashes and noxious substances

An inventor from Russia has developed a frying pan cassette made of corrugated cardboard. The cassette adsorbs oil and water splashes. The air passes through and food is fried like there is no top. One variant of the cassette includes food foil increasing the temperature inside a frying pan and facilitating cooking. Another variant includes a charcoal filter adsorbing noxious substances and a smell of burning and smock. The author is interested in joint manufacture or license agreements.