Russian company engaged in the production of seal products is interested in finding distributors.

03 december 2019, 11:08
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A Russian company engaged in the supply of seal products offers cold-pressed fat from the seal for medical purposes. The company is interested in finding distributors.

The Russian company from the Novosibirsk region specializes in manufacturing products from seals.

The company uses raw materials from three types of seals: Larga (Latin: Phoca largha), Akiba - ringed seal (Latin: Phoca hispida), Lakhtak - bearded seal (Erignathus barbatus).

Seals are hunted at the Sea of ​​Okhotsk in accordance with the legislation of the Russian Federation and other regulatory legal acts.

The company propose food fat from the seal obtained by cold-pressing technology, that allows to save all the beneficial substances contained in the fat lipids of the animal. The company produces seal fat in liquid form, without adding any preservatives or additives to it so that it remains as natural as possible.

Seal fat is used as an additional source of saturated, polyunsaturated, monounsaturated fatty acids, including OMEGA-3, OMEGA-6, OMEGA-9, and vitamins of group A, E, F.

What is the use of fat seals:

• It is a powerful natural antioxidant.

• It helps to reduce the rate of chemical reactions, which are based on the oxidizing effect of oxygen on the human body, thereby preventing the process of premature aging of the body.

• It contributes to the regulation of cardiovascular activity: stabilization of coagulability (prevention of blood clots), regulation of blood pressure (control of triglycerides and cholesterol), prevention of heart attacks and strokes (due to increased synthesis of bile from cholesterol-containing components and as a consequence of accelerating the splitting of some saturated acids).

• It Contributes to the regulation of the digestive tract due to the qualitative formation of juices of internal organs (stomach, pancreas, liver, small and large intestines), it affects the work of the appendix (preventing dysbacteriosis). • It contributes to the prevention of cancer, as it blocks the saturation and growth of tumor cells.

• It has a positive effect on immune function, preventing the inter-seasonal phenomenon of immune depression associated with a decrease in the activity of sunlight.

• It plays the role of a link in the synthesis of vitamins F and PP, which is a cosmetological function: the condition of the skin, hair and nails improves (they become more durable and elastic, a healthy shine appears, fragility disappears).

• It helps to improve the excretory function of many organs: kidneys, liver, endo- and exocrine glands.

• It helps to clean the body of toxins.

• It promotes the formation of an energy depot on the membranes of most organic cells.

• It contributes to the full absorption of trace elements and minerals (calcium, zinc, tin, potassium, copper, magnesium, etc.) by the bone tissue of the body, thereby increasing the strength and endurance of bones, preventing their fragility.

• It participates in the formation of immune components (bacteriophages), aimed at the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, as well as the isolation and absorption of useful substances from them and the destruction of pathogenic bases.

• It improves the chemical activity of most sex hormones, helps to prevent infertility.

• It contributes to the stabilization of the nervous system: improving memory, attention, visual function, analytical skills of a person.

• It promotes the release of the body from excess body fat.

• It promotes the increase of endurance.

The release form is a clear liquid from yellow to light brown.

Main advantages

An important advantage is that the company uses its own raw material base, has all the permissions and the necessary certificates of conformity.

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