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Reducing the number of relapses of urolithiasis (hereinafter ICD) through the personalization of metaphylaxis based on the accurate determination of the composition of kidney stones

The Novosibirsk company has developed a unique method for analyzing the chemical composition of kidney stones. The company offers contract manufacturing of test systems, the development of reagents according…

08 december 2021, 19:28

Development and production of vacuum spraying equipment

The Novosibirsk-based company develops and manufactures vacuum deposition units, including automated ones, for microelectronics, optics and scientific research. Interested in joint research and development,…

08 december 2021, 19:07

Production of organic soft drinks (biolimonads, kvass, fruit drinks)

Since 2015, the Novosibirsk company has been dealing with the deep processing of agricultural products, develops and produces drinks for a healthy diet based on herbal decoctions, including those with…

08 december 2021, 18:52

Production of all-weather modules to grow fresh herbs (lettuce, basil, mint, arugula, chives, etc.).

A company from Novosibirsk has developed a technology for growing fresh greens for regions with unfavorable weather conditions, for northern deliveries, food organizers in the extractive industries, as…

07 december 2021, 17:30

Production of gas-vortex bioreactors

The company from the science city Koltsovo produces new generation bioreactors for industrial, research and educational purposes. Invites investors to set up a research laboratory, joint R&D and testing,…

07 december 2021, 17:22

Manufacture of equipment for fermentation of food and drinks

The company is interested in finding clients and business partners for the production of dehydrated fruits based on our unique VacuStage technology.

07 december 2021, 17:09

Russian manufacturer of medicinal and hygiene products is looking for distributors

The Russian company from Novosibirsk region is active in production and development of pharmaceuticals and hygiene products using innovative technology (wound care products, baby powder, hygienic powder).…

07 december 2021, 16:58

Services in the field of veterinary medicine, veterinary-sanitary, forensic-veterinary examination, production veterinary control, scientific and other activities

The Institution can provide the following services: • commissioned research; • joint research and development. The institution is interested in the following services/competencies: • conducting joint…

07 december 2021, 16:36

Scientific support for the effective development of the agro-industrial complex of the Siberian region, the formation of an innovative structure of high-tech production, training of scientifi

Siberian Federal Scientific Centre of Agro-BioTechnologies of the Russian Academy of Sciences offers a wide range of services of the Integrated Analytical Center, including: joint research and development…

07 december 2021, 15:21

Production of cosmetic preparations from natural ingredients containing sea iodine and algae

The Novosibirsk company produces cosmetic preparations (foaming products, hair care products, face creams, masks, serums, emulsions, tonics, etc.) made from natural ingredients and containing sea iodine…

07 december 2021, 14:59