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11 december 2023, 16:13
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The Novosibirsk company produces food concentrates containing antioxidants and biologically active substances of natural origin, as well as cosmetics with an antioxidant effect: creams, body milk, cream sticks. Cosmetic products, along with antioxidant effects, have nutritional, protective, moisturizing, regenerative properties and are effective in various inflammatory processes of the skin and mucous membranes.

Main activities:

- Scientific research in the field of synthesis and study of the properties and biological activity of polyfunctional phenolic antioxidants.
- Solving the problems of free radical biology and medicine.
- Development and pilot production of antioxidants for use in the cosmetics industry, in the production of functional foods, dietary supplements and medicines.

Innovative aspects

A team of scientists has developed innovative methods for the functionalization of alkylphenols with halogen-, sulfur-, selenium-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-containing groups. The targeted synthesis of dozens of new practically valuable compounds has been carried out, including stabilizers of polymeric materials, antioxidants for industrial and edible oils, fats, and biologically active substances.

A distinctive feature of the antioxidants created at the Institute is the multifunctional mechanism of their antioxidant action, based on the synergistic combination of the antiradical activity of phenolic groups with the antiperoxide activity of S-, Se-, Te-, N-, P-containing fragments. Such antioxidants are capable of inhibiting the oxidative process both through reactions with free radicals leading the oxidation chain and with their precursors - peroxides, which provides unsurpassed protection of organic molecules from oxidative damage.

Lipophilic antioxidants of the Thiophane family are non-toxic and have an antitumor effect comparable to polychemotherapy, cytoprotective and membrane-stabilizing effects, the ability to stop cytotoxic effects in tissues during toxic hepatitis, antitumor chemotherapy and against the background of paraneoplastic processes caused by malignant growth, as well as hemorheological, antiaggregation, antiplatelet and antithrombogenic activities, a pronounced protective effect in ischemia of the heart and brain.

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