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29 december 2018, 05:51

Technique for making pharmacological substance on the basis of combination of silver ions with methylene blue in order to fight HIV and cancer.

A company from Novosibirsk (Russia) has developed a technique for making a combination of silver ions with a medical dye methylene blue in order to create medications against HIV and some types of cancer. When this substance gets into an organism, a colorless leuco-forma of methylene blue is formed. In combination with silver ions this composition is able to destroy viruses and cancer cells. The company is interested in technical cooperation or license agreement.

29 december 2018, 01:50

Test kits for detecting viral and bacterial diseases in animals.

A company from the Science Town of Koltsovo (Russia) offers immunoenzymatic test kits for detecting the following diseases in livestock and pets: leptospirosis, brucellosis, yersiniosis, chlamydia, mycoplasmosis, ureaplasmosis, listeriosis, toxocariasis, and ascariasis. The accuracy of the tests is 98 to 100 per cent. The test kits perform the analysis 5-10 times faster than do the traditional methods. The company is interested in a joint venture or financial resources.

26 december 2018, 17:17

Production technology of high-performance clustered silver substance and products based on it for medical, veterinary, parapharmaceutical, and hygienic purposes.

An innovation SME from Novosibirsk developed and launched a production of high-performance substance of nano-silver. The high efficacy of the substance is defined by much smaller particle size compared to analogs. Basing on this substance, the company manufactures a range of silver-containing products for medical, veterinary, parapharmaceutical and hygienic purposes. The company seeks partners for joint improvement, certification, registration, and manufacture of silver-containing products.

21 december 2018, 08:31

Detonation spraying technology and facility

D-gun “Ob” is offered with technologies of depositing wear resistant, heat resistant, anticorrosive and other coatings made of powders of: - metals ( cooper, nickel, molybdenum, iron etc.); - alloys (steel, super alloys, bronze, brass etc.); - oxides of aluminum, chromium, zirconium, titanium etc. - cermets with carbides of tungsten, chromium, titanium etc. Coatings are deposited on a surface of parts from metals, ceramics and plastic.

16 december 2018, 09:41

Vortex and cavitation technology of biogas production in utilization of liquid organic waste on poultry, pig and industrial farms

A Russian company has developed the technology of processing of biological waste using gas-vortex reactor, which has ultra-low power consumption, accelerates the process of bioutilization and increases biogas yield per unit time. Laboratory tests are successfully conducted. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation (further joint research), upscaling of technology, joint research.

16 december 2018, 05:57

Laser nanotechnology for manufacturing micro-optical and diffraction-optical articles

A research institute from Novosibirsk has developed a laser nanotechnology for manufacture of micro-optical and diffraction-optical articles. The technology can be used for making wide range of lenses (including intraocular lenses) and testing holograms. Other market applications include security papers and money protection and devices for scanning product identification number. The institute is interested in license and manufacturing agreements.

14 december 2018, 07:25

Technology of production of durable water- and oil-repellent coating for glass surfaces of various purposes

Small innovative company from Novosibirsk has developed a technology of the optically transparent water- and oil-repellent coating for the glass surface. The technology is durable (up to 10 years) and easy in application (coating on the glass product can be applied in standard environmental conditions). The coating creates a chemical bond with the glass surface. The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance or joint venture.

13 december 2018, 22:44

Сosmetics protecting skin from aging and abnormal states based on stimulation of basal cells fission

A small company from Novosibirsk Region has developed natural effective cosmetics that protect skin from aging and abnormal states, such as cellulite and skin stretching (striae). The products increase epidermis layer by means of highly nourishing organic ingredients that stimulate fission of basal cells. The authors are interested in joint-venture or license agreements.

13 december 2018, 20:11

Technology of water-absorbing single use article for protection of eyes, face and neck during permanent hair curling.

A small company from Novosibirsk (Russia) has developed a single use water-absorbing article to protect eyes, face, neck, and clothing from coming in contact with chemicals used during permanent hair curling. In comparison with other products it better absorbs and retains moisture and is more convenient in use due to the special fixing arrangements and size regulators. The company is interested in license agreements.