A frying pan cassette that allows the air passing through and adsorbs oil and water splashes and noxious substances

24 january 2019, 04:26
Макет, опытный образец
An inventor from Russia has developed a frying pan cassette made of corrugated cardboard. The cassette adsorbs oil and water splashes. The air passes through and food is fried like there is no top. One variant of the cassette includes food foil increasing the temperature inside a frying pan and facilitating cooking. Another variant includes a charcoal filter adsorbing noxious substances and a smell of burning and smock. The author is interested in joint manufacture or license agreements.
The developed article consists of two parts, the first one is the cassette and the second one is a carrier. The cassette is a removable element that can be replaced if necessary. It is made of corrugated cardboard, which is cheap, ecologically clean and safe for human health. The cassette is compatible with the sizes of currently sold frying pans, namely 20/22, 24/26, 28/30 cm. The product has several variants. In the first one corrugated cardboard is used only, which has an excellent oil and water adsorbing capacity. In the second variant one side of the corrugated cardboard is covered with the aluminum food foil. It reflects heat inside the frying pan and increases the temperature of frying. The third variant of the cassette contains a charcoal filter, adsorbing possible miasma from highly overheated non-stick Teflon coatings and a smell of burning and smock.

Innovative aspects

1. Применение экологически чистого и безопасного для здоровья человека материала, гофрокартона, обладающего большой поглощающей способностью капель жира и влаги. 2. Оригинальная конструкция кассеты, позволяющая ей пропускать воздух и не образовывать конденсат влаги на нижней (внутренней) поверхности.