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23 january 2019, 14:23

Technology for industrial production of microalgae biomass by means of a vortex aquareactor in order to produce biofuel

A company from the Science Town of Koltsovo (Russia) has developed technology for industrial production of microalgae biomass by means of a vortex aquareactor in order to produce biofuel. The device developed does not have disadvantages of other systems used for cultivation of microalgae, such as low productivity, chaotic mixing, algae injuring, covering light accepting surfaces with algae, etc. The company is interested in license or manufacturing agreement or joint venture.

19 january 2019, 15:11

Technology for production of a compact reusable multifunctional valve (packer) for maintenance and repair of oil and gas wells without using damaging pipes fasteners.

A company from the Science Town of Koltsovo (Russia) has developed a technology for production of a multiuse valve (packer) for oil and gas wells repair. Unlike analogues, the packer is fixed without special fasteners, which allows multiple use without damaging the pipe walls and the packer structure. The technology allows for production of packer for vertical and slant holes of any diameter and for hydraulic fracturing. The company is interested in a license agreement.

19 january 2019, 09:45

Technology of strengthening of subgrade foundation with built-in-place piles, made in expanded wells, for construction of buildings and structures

Novosibirsk university has developed a technology for the weak soil strengthening of constructions and buildings foundations without excavation. The technology feature fastening of subsiding soil with built-in-place piles when the ousting soil is compressed and provides the required strength. The University is looking for partners for joint further development and manufacturing agreement.

13 january 2019, 23:00

Technology of Cell Cultivation and Biotechnology Products Manufacturing with the Gas Vortex Gradientless Bioreactors

Russian small-size innovation company located in Novosibirsk Research Centre offers to organize series production of patented gas vortex gradientless bioreactors. The device is designed to manufacture any biotechnology product. Technology can be efficiently used to cultivate virtually any type of cells including embryonic ones and microorganisms. Industrial applications demonstrate complete repeatability of laboratory results and high economic efficiency. The company is looking for industrial partners to organize joint manufacturing of bioreactors and/or to manufacture biotechnology products with the use of the bioreactors.

11 january 2019, 15:21

Technology of scanning flowing cytometry with the original optical system and data processing algorithms for the early diagnosis of cancer and immunological diseases.

A Russian company from Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk, developed a scanning flow cytometer of a new generation. Due to an original optics system and data processing algorithm, developed by the company, the volume of processed information is significantly increased. The technology allows early diagnostics of oncologic and immunologic diseases by blood cells morphology. The company is interested in a joint venture or a license agreement.

07 january 2019, 12:07

Neutron, electron and mixed radiation therapy in combined and complex treatment of radioresistant malignant tumors

Institute Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences proposes a new modes of radiation therapy with 6.3 MeV fast neutrons for radioresistant malignant tumors of salivary and thyroid glands, locally-advanced primary breast cancer and breast cancer local recurrences have been developed and clinically investigated. The novel approach to combined modality treatment including intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT) and distant gamma therapy (DGT) for malignant tumors of breast, head and neck, loco-motor system, and gynecological tumors is proposed.

05 january 2019, 18:58

New environmentlal technology to produce standarized raw materials of medicinal plants and high-yield species of plants

A company from Novosibirsk region of Russia has developed an environmentally friendly technology to produce standardized raw materials of medicinal plants and to develop new high-yield species of plants, including rare, for the creation of industrial plantations. New, highly productive forms of plants suitable for industrial plantations are obtained with this technology. The company is interested in finding a partner for joint venture for industrial cultivation of medicinal herbs.

03 january 2019, 04:38

Hypoallergic high-performance biodegradable implants based on collagen-chitosan biopolymers

A university from Krasnoyarsk has developed hypoallergic high-performance nontoxic biocompatible and biodegradable implants based on collagen-chitosan biopolymers. The implants are designed for restoration of atrophied and degenerative inflammatory tissues of periodontitis, eyes and skin and for treatment of female genital tracts dysbiosis. The implants improve blood supply up to 70 times and reconstruct completely micro-vessels. The university is interested in joint venture agreements, license agreements or commercial agreements with technical assistance.

31 december 2018, 11:53

An automated laser beam machine for material cutting, welding, heat treatment and laser-powder surfacing

A research institute from Novosibirsk has developed an automated laser beam machine for material cutting, welding, heat treatment and laser-powder surfacing. The laser beam machine has a special self-filtered resonator achieving high quality radiation at power up to 10 kW. The machine can operate at technical purity gases and the CO2 – Air mixture (without N2 и He). The authors are interested in technical cooperation, commercial agreements with technical assistance or license agreements.