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12 december 2018, 05:32

The technology of water purification by the method of recrystallization for various industries

A Russian company from Novosibirsk specializing in innovation products developments, proposes the technology of water purification by crystallization method (freezing), which can be used in different sectors. The technology allows for purification without chemical absorbents. The company is looking for partners to create a joint venture in Russia or in the partner's country for the development of products based on the proposed technology.

10 december 2018, 06:33

The technology for introducing probiotics and prebiotics into therapeutic&prophylactic foodstuffs

A small private Russian company specializing in development of therapeutic-and-prophylactic foodstuffs and respective manufacturing technologies, has developed a technology for introducing probiotics and prebiotics, as well as vitamin complexes and other useful additives, into therapeutic&prophylactic foodstuffs like wafers, pastry, jams, jellies. A technology for industrial production of muesli is under development. The company is looking for partners interested in production of these foodstuffs for a technical co-operation, commercial or license agreement.

09 december 2018, 21:36

Production technology for meat bioproducts with the use of dairy probiotic fermentation

Russian innovation company has developed meat bioproducts manufacturing technology. The technology uses liquid or dry ferment with kefir and particular strains of lacto- and bifidobacteria. The technology is industrially implemented. The company is looking for partners for joint production of dry ferment for meat bioproducts. Dry ferment will be used for meat bioproducts manufacture in the partner's country.

05 december 2018, 22:58

Russian producer of feed biocomplexes seeks distributors

A Russian company is active in development and production of feed complexes for livestock, poultry farming and swine breeding. The feed complexes are made of natural raw materials and contain prebiotics and probiotics. When taken in complex the products decrease mortality, increase productivity, and stimulate growth and development of animals. The company is looking for partners abroad to cooperate under a distribution services agreement.

05 december 2018, 12:33

Skimmed milk liquid probiotic product aimed at reducing the side effects of chemo- and radiation therapy and improving the quality of life of cancer patients.

Company from Novosibirsk, Russia, having great experience in applying liquid probiotics in various diseases treatment, has conducted research that showed a significant improvement in the psychosomatic state of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy or radiation therapy. The company is looking for a partner for clinical testing of liquid probiotics in cancer patients undergoing radiation and chemotherapy, for joint development and production of customized, more effective drugs based on them.

03 december 2018, 20:18

Technology of biological wastes processing in agricultural and livestock production with the use of highly efficient biogas plants.

A company from Russia developed highly effective biogas plant to process organic waste at livestock farms. Introduction of biogas plant at the enterprise can solve the problem of waste disposal, make it environmentally friendly; provide cheap electricity and high-quality fertilizers. Company is looking for partners for commercial agreement with technical assistance.

29 november 2018, 10:09

Technology for production of wide range of nanopowders in industrial scale with the use of a special electron accelerator

A small company from Novosibirsk (Russia) has developed a technology for production of nanopowders of any oxides, metal nitrides, carbides and other compounds. The technology allows production of nanopowders at industrial (commercial) scale (the average productivity is 2 tons per month), it does not require preconditioning of materials and is environmentally safe. The company is interested in commercial agreement with technical assistance or technical cooperation

23 november 2018, 22:28

Automated hydroponic complex for agriculture

A Russian company from Novosibirsk has developed an automated hydroponic complex for agriculture. The complex can be used for energy efficiency solutions at farms and for autonomy of energy power with renewables. The company is looking for partner for technical cooperation and commercial agreement

23 november 2018, 02:22

Technology for producing of mannan oligosaccharide substitutes of antibiotics for livestock.

Institute of Novosibirsk developed a technology to produce mechanochemical mannan oligosaccharide (MOS) of drugs that are environmentally friendly substitutes of synthetic antibiotics widely used in animal husbandry. Simplicity, reliability and lower price of the product could allow a manufacturer to potentially lead on the world market The Institute is looking for co-investors for license agreement and purchase of operating prototypes with complete technical documentation.