Terahertz camera for detection and identification of hidden objects, as well as for non-invasive diagnostics in medicine, food industry, production of building materials

03 november 2018, 06:01
Макет, опытный образец
Novosibirsk Institute has developed a terahertz camera for imaging objects in the millimeter wavelength range that can be used for detection and identification of concealed (for example, under clothing) objects, as well as for non-invasive medical diagnostics, quality control of dosage forms, building materials, spectroscopy, in food industry. Institute requires a partner for joint further development.
Development of terahertz radiation detectors with a spatial resolution is mainly connected with the examination systems, where the actual problem is the rejection of ionizing X-rays and an attempt to introduce spectrum analysis. Image registration system in the terahertz frequency range is becoming more widely used in the pharmaceutical industry for the control of dosage forms, in construction industry for non-destructive testing of building structures, search for hidden cracks and cavities in medicine, for the early detection of cancer, testing of dental tissues. Molecular spectra of absorption of a large number of compounds are located at terahertz frequencies of electromagnetic radiation. Lately this range attracted particular interest due to appearance of primarily different, including very powerful, appropriate sources of radiation. Terahertz radiation freely enough passes through the non-conductive and fine-dispersed environment that allows creation of detection systems of hidden objects and substances, remote chemical and biological analysis of various substances and objects. Developed terahertz camera works based on converter of terahertz radiation to the infrared one, with the subsequent registration of infrared radiation by highly sensitive infrared camera. The camera detects radiation from either one predetermined wavelength or from a predetermined set of wavelengths in the range of 3 - 0.2 mm (0.1-1.5 THz). The main parameters of the camera are the following: Absorption band is 0.05 - 0.30% of the operating frequency. Power equivalent to noise per pixel NEP - 10-8 W / pixel (for cooled IR camera). Power consumption - 5 watts (for cooled IR camera). Dimensions - 375x110x110mm Weight - 3.8 kg The camera requires operational software, which is customized.

Innovative aspects

Ключевым оригинальным элементом терагерцовой камеры является преобразователь (конвертер) терагерцового излучения в инфракрасное излучение, содержащий метаматериал, который обеспечивает близкий к 100% коэффициент поглощения электромагнитного излучения на заданной длине волны.