Technology of water-absorbing single use article for protection of eyes, face and neck during permanent hair curling.

13 december 2018, 20:11
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A small company from Novosibirsk (Russia) has developed a single use water-absorbing article to protect eyes, face, neck, and clothing from coming in contact with chemicals used during permanent hair curling. In comparison with other products it better absorbs and retains moisture and is more convenient in use due to the special fixing arrangements and size regulators. The company is interested in license agreements.
The product developed by the company is a moisture absorbing strip. The absorbent layer is made of cellulose and absorbent material (silica gel), the protective layer is made of folic film, which retains the liquid. Product dimensions range from 4 to 7.5 cm in width and 63 to 67 cm in length. The strip is bent and resembles a crown. Being used the product follows the contour of hair growth area. The product has special fixing arrangements which enable it fitting snugly on the front of the face, under the ears and on the back of a head along the hair growth.

Innovative aspects

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