Technology of Cell Cultivation and Biotechnology Products Manufacturing with the Gas Vortex Gradientless Bioreactors

13 january 2019, 23:00
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Russian small-size innovation company located in Novosibirsk Research Centre offers to organize series production of patented gas vortex gradientless bioreactors. The device is designed to manufacture any biotechnology product. Technology can be efficiently used to cultivate virtually any type of cells including embryonic ones and microorganisms. Industrial applications demonstrate complete repeatability of laboratory results and high economic efficiency. The company is looking for industrial partners to organize joint manufacturing of bioreactors and/or to manufacture biotechnology products with the use of the bioreactors.
Bioreactor is the main instrument of industrial microbiological synthesis. There are mainly three types of bioreactors which are being presently used in production of biotechnological products. These types include (a) bioreactors with mechanical agitator immersed into liquid phase; (b) air-lift bioreactors; (c) mixed type bioreactors. These three types of bioreactors have a lot of shortcomings. They damage cells and microorganisms when mixing takes place. They have weak mass exchange, turbulent and idle areas, high rate of energy consumption, low mixing capacity when working with viscous liquids. These bioreactors have a serious shortage of having limited application depending on a producing strain and scaling problems when such bioreactors are designed for industrial operations. All these factors affect operating costs negatively. To eliminate these shortcomings, gas vortex gradientless bioreactor has been developed. It excells all existing types of bioreactors by its parameters and efficiency. Gas vortex gradientless bioreactor applies innovative mixing technique. Mixing of cultural medium is provided by three-dimension movement called “rotating vertical ring” generated by an aerating gas vortex resulting from the pressure difference above the suspension surface and the airflow frictional force on the suspension surface. Aerating gas vortex is formed by the centrifugal activator mounted on top of suspension surface in the vessel of the device. Elimination of mixing blades in working volume, excellent mixing parameters and high mass exchange rate make it possible to provide culture cells with nutrition and oxygen. Such a mixing does not damage cells because there are no mixer blades or floating air bubbles as is the case in mixer-blades, airlifting or combined bioreactors. Hydrodynamics of offered bioreactor virtually does not depend on a level of liquid in working volume.

Innovative aspects

В газо-вихревом безградиентном биореакторе используется принципиально новый способ перемешивания, при котором перемешивание культуральной среды осуществляется путем создания в ней трехмерного движения типа «вращающегося вихревого кольца» за счет перепада давления над поверхностью и силы трения воздушного потока о поверхность суспензии.