Сosmetics protecting skin from aging and abnormal states based on stimulation of basal cells fission

13 december 2018, 22:44
Стадия разработки (НИР)
A small company from Novosibirsk Region has developed natural effective cosmetics that protect skin from aging and abnormal states, such as cellulite and skin stretching (striae). The products increase epidermis layer by means of highly nourishing organic ingredients that stimulate fission of basal cells. The authors are interested in joint-venture or license agreements.
The products are aimed to compensate both lack of nourishing substances (haemodynamic failure) and hormonal failure which are the basic skin aging factors. The cosmetics include amino acids (21 types), vitamins (17 types), macro-and micronutrients, the precursors of nucleic acids at physiological concentrations and ratios, as well as ingredients of vegetable and animal origin: eggs and sperm of aquatic organisms, larval extracts of drone brood, extracts of sprouted oats and buckwheat. These ingredients contain hormones, hormone-similar substances and cells development factors. The mentioned ingredients keep the skin in good condition by stimulating the division of the basal (bottom) cells of the epidermis (the upper layer of the skin, which reveals the signs of aging.) Basal cells of the epidermis are similar in properties to stem cells, for fission of these cellular structures results in cell substance that forms an epidermis, and they are able to multiple and permanent division. Simultaneously these cells can develop specialized cells responsible for transformation of a full cell in skin scales. Studies using the technique of thermal imaging, magnetic resonance imaging and cytological methods assessing the quality of product have shown the benefits of manufactured products in relation to the analogues «antiage» form presented in the market.

Innovative aspects

Инновационная идея предлагаемых косметических препаратов состоит в использовании уникальных свойств стволовых клеток без извлечения стволовых клеток и какого-либо «генетического перепрограммирования». В качестве аналога стволовых клеток, в полной мере обладающего их свойствами, используются базальные клетки. Входящие в состав препаратов вещества стимулируют их деление и активируют их свойства.