Laser nanotechnology for manufacturing micro-optical and diffraction-optical articles

16 december 2018, 05:57
Промышленный образец
A research institute from Novosibirsk has developed a laser nanotechnology for manufacture of micro-optical and diffraction-optical articles. The technology can be used for making wide range of lenses (including intraocular lenses) and testing holograms. Other market applications include security papers and money protection and devices for scanning product identification number. The institute is interested in license and manufacturing agreements.
The developed technology is based on direct laser-beam record of micro-relief transferred into the substrate of final sealed beam or original matrix. Duplication of diffractive matrix picture is carried out by stamping, forging or photo-polymerization. The offered technology can be applied for large-scale manufacture of new optical components of different geometric and wave light beams transformations such as focusing, light section, turning and reflection and other.

Innovative aspects

Разработанная лазерная нанотехнология позволяет создавать широкий диапазон микрооптических и дифракционно-оптических устройств, обладающих малым весом и минимальным количеством оптических компонентов.