Detonation spraying technology and facility

21 december 2018, 08:31
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D-gun “Ob” is offered with technologies of depositing wear resistant, heat resistant, anticorrosive and other coatings made of powders of:
- metals ( cooper, nickel, molybdenum, iron etc.);
- alloys (steel, super alloys, bronze, brass etc.);
- oxides of aluminum, chromium, zirconium, titanium etc.
- cermets with carbides of tungsten, chromium, titanium etc.
Coatings are deposited on a surface of parts from metals, ceramics and plastic.
Detonation spraying is one of thermospraying coating techniques where for heating and accelerating of a powder material, the energy of gas explosion is used. The coating is deposited by a detonation gun (D-gun), which detonation products heat up particles of a powder up to a fusion and throw them with the velocity about 500 m/s on a part placed in front of a D-gun barrel. At collision there is a microwelding, and a powder strongly bonds with the part surface. The coating by thickness up to 10 micron is formed per a one shot. Necessary thickness is formed by a series of consecutive shots. For processing the big surfaces a part moves in front of a barrel with the help of the manipulator.

Innovative aspects

Установка ”Обь” отличается: высоко точной системой газопитания, дозированной локальной подачей порошка и компьютерным управлением пушкой и манипулятором. Применение двух дозаторов порошка позволяет в автоматическом режиме формировать многослойные композиционные покрытия и смесевые слои с программно-заданным соотношением компонентов в слое.