An automated laser beam machine for material cutting, welding, heat treatment and laser-powder surfacing

31 december 2018, 11:53
Промышленный образец
A research institute from Novosibirsk has developed an automated laser beam machine for material cutting, welding, heat treatment and laser-powder surfacing. The laser beam machine has a special self-filtered resonator achieving high quality radiation at power up to 10 kW. The machine can operate at technical purity gases and the CO2 – Air mixture (without N2 и He). The authors are interested in technical cooperation, commercial agreements with technical assistance or license agreements.
The automated laser beam machine consists of a laser with power of 1,5 – 5,0 kW, a portal type technological table with an operational field varying from 1,5 m x 2 m to 2,5 m x 6 m and an automated control and power unit. The machine allows performing the following operations: 1) Laser cutting metallic sheets, wood, plastics, paronite, glass, ceramics and other materials; 2) Laser welding metallic parts; 3) Laser heat treatment for manufacturing self-sharpening tools, hardening cylinder barrels of engines and restoration of worn mill roller surfaces (in combination with mechanical processing); 4) Laser-powder surfacing for manufacturing cutting tools with highly solid cutting surfaces. Basic technical parameters of the laser beam machine: Laser radiation power, kW 1,5-5,0 Radiation wavelength, mcm 10,6 Laser beam structure Gaussian beam Power control range, kW 0-5,0 Gas mixture: (1 variant) CO2-N-He (2 variant) CO2-Air Gas mixture consumption (renewal), l/h 18 1 variant CO2 Russian Standard 8050-76 40 N2 Russian Standard 9293-74 100 He, brand A, Russian technical specification 51-940-80 12 2 variant CO2 Russian Standard 8050-76 80 Air, 3 class, Russian Standard 17433-72 Installed capability, kW 120

Innovative aspects

В составе автоматизированного лазерного технологического комплекса имеется специальный самофильтрующий резонатор, позволяющий получить высокое качество излучения при мощности до 10 кВт. Установка способна работать на газах технической чистоты и смеси CO2 -воздух (без N2 и He).