Russian producer of cosmetics and other wellness products is looking for distributors

The company was established in 2013.

The Russian company from Novosibirsk region is active in the production and development of cosmetics and other wellness products, for detoxification during bath and SPA-procedures (wrapping).

The composition of the product corresponds to the composition of the internal environments of the body (lymph) and have herbal supplements. The Russian company from Novosibirsk region specializes in the production and development of the following products:

1. Concentrates in dry form for making tonics (activators of cellular systems) - to maintain the skin in good condition at the age of 20-25 and older. Contribute to the nutrition of skin cells due to a composition close to human blood plasma. With regular use, restore elasticity and improve the performance of the capillary network. The extracts contain hormone-like substances in amounts minimally required for the activation of cell division and do not affect the hormones of the human body. All components are in physiological ratios and concentrations comparable to human blood plasma.

2. Products for SPA. Purpose - maintaining of skin well-being (cleansing, anti-inflammatory effect, lifting of skin, improvement of microcirculation, regenerative process). Additional positive effects include:

• detoxication;

• lymphatic drainage effect;

• removal of allergic manifestations.

Products for SPA-wraps have its own purpose (to block the development of youth acne, implement soft peeling, to improve microcirculation, and so on.).

3. Cosmetic products for face and body skin care: cosmetic serum, toner- promoter of cell system, masks and botanical gels with cleansing, antibacterial, softening the effect. Now the company has Russian cosmetic certifications for all the products.

With partners, the company plans to gain cosmetic certification valid in EU (costs shared between company and partner). Supplies of raw materials for the subsequent packaging and sale of finished products are also an option. The company is interested in finding partners in the sphere of healthcare (health and rehabilitation centers, spa & wellness centers, cosmetic companies, trade companies) to conclude distribution services agreement. In the framework of distribution services agreement a partner orders the company’s products or raw materials for next selling. The company provides the partner with its products or raw materials.