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01 december 2021, 14:27

Russian developer and manufacturer of immunochips for the diagnosis of various human diseases is looking for foreign distributors

A Russian company from the Novosibirsk region is engaged in the innovative development of immune chips for the detection of infectious diseases in humans. Multiplex assays require less time, reagents, and sample volume. They are more informative and cost-effective, compared to monospecific tests. The company is looking for foreign partners as part of the distribution services agreement.

01 december 2021, 14:14

Production of diagnostic ELISA test systems

A Russian company from the science city of Koltsovo (Novosibirsk region), engaged in the production of diagnostic test systems (reagent kits for enzyme immunoassay for a number of infections), is looking for distributors (trading companies ready to register, import and sell the company's products) and partners who are ready to test and evaluate quality of new products.

01 december 2021, 13:54

Production of organic cosmetics from microalgae chlorella

A Russian company from Koltsovo science city, Novosibirsk Region, specializing in the production of organic cosmetics from the biomass of a suspension of microalgae chlorella grown on its own innovative equipment - gas-vortex bioreactors, is looking for distributors and partners for the broad promotion of the company's developments.

26 november 2021, 15:38

Development and production of natural food products based on local plant materials

A company from the science city Koltsovo, Novosibirsk region, which develops and produces healthy food, is looking for business partners to create a joint venture for the production of new functional food products, distributors and customers.

26 november 2021, 13:31

Production of functional, dietary, healthy and sport food from vegetable raw materials

A Russian company from the Novosibirsk region produces a line of products for functional, dietary, healthy and sports nutrition from vegetable raw materials. Looking for partners to conclude a distribution agreement, as well as partners for joint research and R&D.