Services in the field of veterinary medicine, veterinary-sanitary, forensic-veterinary examination, production veterinary control, scientific and other activities

07 december 2021, 16:36
Partnership / Other Agreements
Already on the market
State enterprise
The Institution can provide the following services:
• commissioned research;
• joint research and development.
The institution is interested in the following services/competencies:
• conducting joint research;
• conducting joint research and development

The institution provides epizootic, veterinary, and sanitary safety, veterinary services; sells veterinary medications; organizes veterinary and sanitary examination and production veterinary control; provides services for disinfection, deratization, and disinsection, and carries out judicial veterinary expert activities. The institution organizes workshops and training sessions. In the future, it is going to obtain a license to provide educational services. Scientific work on conducting preclinical and clinical trials for specified indicators has been already launched.

Innovative aspects

Veterinary services are provided by qualified specialists in the field of veterinary medicine:

- the institution was the first in the city of Novosibirsk to undergo voluntary certification for compliance with GOST R 55634-2013. National standard of the Russian Federation. Services for unproductive animals. General requirements for objects of veterinary activity ", in the work of veterinary specialists use modern equipment;

- the institution has organized veterinary and sanitary examination and production veterinary control at more than 2,000 thousand facilities (retail trade enterprises, markets and fairs, hypermarkets and wholesale warehouses, processing enterprises);

- an individual approach to working with customers allows you to choose the optimal set of services available in terms of quality and cost.

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