Russian developer and manufacturer of immunochips for the diagnosis of various human diseases is looking for foreign distributors

01 december 2021, 14:27
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A Russian company from the Novosibirsk region is engaged in the innovative development of immune chips for the detection of infectious diseases in humans. Multiplex assays require less time, reagents, and sample volume. They are more informative and cost-effective, compared to monospecific tests. The company is looking for foreign partners as part of the distribution services agreement.

Main advantages

A Russian company from Novosibirsk is located in a research and production cluster. The company develops and produces an innovative test system for determining a variety of infectious diseases in humans. A team of highly qualified specialists, a strong portfolio of promising developments and its own production made the company a significant manufacturer of sales of goods for medicine.

The company offers multidisciplinary immunodiagnostics - immunochips. Multiplex immunodiagnostics is a new direction of enzyme immunoassay in which special protein matrices "immunochips" are used, which allows to simultaneously determine many different analytes in the test sample. Immunochip is a medical test system for in-vitro diagnostics, designed for simultaneous detection of antibodies and antigens to pathogens of various types of infections in human blood serum and plasma.

The multicellular analytical bath is made of inert plastic. It is filled with ready-to-use solutions and sealed with foil material. The bath combines 5 modules for individual tests with a set of 9 to 12 cells (depending on the scheme and analysis tasks). The immunochip comb is a plastic substrate with discretely applied antigens. The main advantage of this approach is the ability in one analysis to examine the patient for infections that cause similar symptoms of the disease. The process of applying the set is simple and does not require highly qualified personnel. The full analysis time takes from 35 to 75 minutes, depending on the immunochip kit used. Each patient is tested using one strip of comb and one column of the bath.

Test results can be identified visually by the presence of dark spots at the sites of application of certain antigens. Test results can be identified visually by the presence of dark spots at the sites of application of certain antigens. Semi-quantitative accounting of analyses can be performed instrumentally by processing a matrix image digitized by a scanner with a specially developed computer program. Each set is designed for 20 complex studies and includes all the components necessary for the formulation.

Depending on the type and result of the diagnosis, the company produces several types of immunochips with different amounts of reagents.

This system allows medical laboratories to determine such diseases in humans as: HIV infection, hepatitis C, B, syphilis, measles, rubella, cytomegalovirus infection, herpes, toxoplasmosis. The test system is produced under strict control and meets all international certification. These products are distributed not only throughout Russia but also in other foreign countries.

The Russian company is interested in finding foreign partners from the medical industry to conclude a mutually beneficial distribution services agreement. The complete set of products will be accompanied by permits and certification. The company is ready to deliver its products on time and in the agreed volume. More precise terms and conditions will be agreed with the potential partner personally. The purpose of this agreement is to enter a new foreign market and increase the export of its products.

Innovative aspects

The company's autonomous sets of immunochips for multiplex analysis are created using a unique patented technology. They have a number of advantages over other diagnostic methods: - One of the advantages of immunochips is the versatility of the analysis. The test allows laboratories to detect up to 10 markers in one test sample. - The average cost of determining the presence of antibodies to one infection is twice lower in immunochips than in classical enzyme immunoassay. - The immunochip has the ability to perform both individual and group tests. The full analysis takes from 35-75 minutes.

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