Production of organic soft drinks (biolimonads, kvass, fruit drinks)

08 december 2021, 18:52
Patents Received
Already on the market
Since 2015, the Novosibirsk company has been dealing with the deep processing of agricultural products, develops and produces drinks for a healthy diet based on herbal decoctions, including those with an energy effect.
The company invites distributors for cooperation, and is also interested in cooperation with industry scientific and business partners to create a new product line.

The company has been producing a wide range of non-alcoholic natural drinks since 2015, with a capacity of 270,000 liters per month:

- a line of natural kvass from malt with flavors of ginger, horseradish, sour kvass for okroshka, sweet drinking, classic, Soviet, homemade.

- a line of natural fruit drinks from lingonberries, cranberries, raspberries, currants, cherries.

- a line of natural lemonades made from decoctions of herbs, spices, fruits and berries. Six varieties with an energetic effect.

- in development - a line of products for functional, dietary, healthy and sports nutrition.

Received patents for the invention of recipes for biolimonads.

Trademarks are registered in Russia and China.

The company's products are presented in the largest retail chains in Russia, negotiations are underway to start deliveries to China.

In addition, the company provides contract manufacturing services - a full range of operations for bottling and packaging beverages.

Innovative aspects


- a unique technology for fermentation of kvass. Live fermentation, controlled process. Performed on professional equipment. Extended shelf life in the refrigerator - 20-25 days (due to the fact that fermentation occurs without access to air)

Fruit drinks

- own technology of fruit drink production - only berries / herbs / fruits + water + sugar are used, without preservatives, while maintaining transparency and nutrients


- no dyes and preservatives

- unique technology of pasteurization,

- a unique blend, patent for an invention. Competitors in the world produce natural carbonated drinks, mainly one- or two-component, we have a blend of more than six ingredients (juices, herbal teas, lemon peels, cinnamon sticks, etc.)

- carbonation with organic CO2 - not as a chemical raw material, but as a departure from fermentation processes

- filling in an aluminum can, which is:

- completely recyclable

- many times lighter than glass

- easier, more convenient in production

- is an environmentally friendly container

- provides more design options

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