Production of organic cosmetics from microalgae chlorella

01 december 2021, 13:54
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Already on the market
A Russian company from Koltsovo science city, Novosibirsk Region, specializing in the production of organic cosmetics from the biomass of a suspension of microalgae chlorella grown on its own innovative equipment - gas-vortex bioreactors, is looking for distributors and partners for the broad promotion of the company's developments.

Main advantages

The company produces cosmetics for the face and body under the brand name "Algaspatium" based on a suspension of the microalgae Chlorella vulgaris. The company's products - masks, lotions, tonics are completely natural, do not contain any additives or preservatives. The assortment of the company includes products for both women and men. The following projects are currently in development: • Production of natural cosmetic bases for home cosmetology, spa cosmetology and formulations for professional cosmetics (including the field of cosmeceuticals) under our own TM "Algaspatium" based on chlorella vulgaris suspension. • Expansion of the assortment with the release of new products based on the microalgae chlorella with plant extracts, 100% natural essential oils.

Innovative aspects

Chlorella suspension is grown on its own unique innovative equipment created by the company's designers-developers - closed gas-vortex photobioreactors in strictly controlled modes. Mixing is carried out by an air vortex formed by a centrifugal activator installed above the medium (mixing is ensured due to the pressure difference and friction of the air flow, which provides delicate but effective mixing without foaming, cavitation, highly turbulent, stagnant zones and zones of local overheating. The principle of gas-vortex mixing of a suspension during its cultivation multiplies its viability and biological activity. The indisputable advantages of the "live" suspension of chlorella are the richest composition: about 60% protein, more than 650 chemical compounds, invaluable for health chlorophyll types a and b, vital polyunsaturated fatty acids (including essential ones: arachidonic, linoleic, linolenic), antioxidants (carotenoids , flavonoids), enzymes, as well as micro and macroelements: calcium, potassium, copper, phosphorus, magnesium, iodine, iron, zinc. It is simply unique in its bioavailability, it delivers oxygen and an easily assimilable set of carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids with the blood flow to every cell in the shortest possible time.

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