Production of high-tech agrochemicals and feed additives for organic farming

01 december 2021, 16:54
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Full-cycle plant for the production of high-tech agrochemicals and feed additives focused on organic farming, ecologization and biologization of field cultivation, looking for dealers to promote the line of its brands

The company, located in the Novosibirsk region, produces preparations focused on organic farming, greening and biologizing field cultivation, increasing the economic efficiency of livestock and poultry farming, and environmental friendliness of products:

1. Liquid low molecular weight humic fertilizer-chelator (potassium humate). The drug is an aqueous solution of salts of natural humic acids, extracted from brown coal - leonardite, with fulvic acid and microelements for agrotechnical processing of seed material, seedlings, seedlings and treatment of any plants during the growing season on various types of soils. The drug is non-toxic, does not contain chlorine, is harmless to humans, animals and birds, does not possess allergenic, anaphylactogenic, teratogenic, embryotoxic, mutagenic and carcinogenic effects. It is used for environmentally friendly organic farming and plant growing.

2. Liquid health-improving adaptogenic stress-correcting feed additive to increase the productivity and safety of farm animals and birds (sodium humate). The drug is a natural organic-mineral solution of a humic complex, extracted from brown coal - leonardite, with fulvic acids. Designed for large and small ruminants, pigs and birds. Serves as an activator of growth and productivity, immunomodulator, sorbent and detoxifier. It is aimed at high nutritional status and good health of animals and birds, increasing the economic efficiency of livestock and poultry farming, and environmental friendliness of products. Compatible with any feed ingredients, other feed additives. No contraindications have been established.
Livestock and poultry products after the use of the feed additive are used for food purposes without restrictions.

The plant's capacity is 300 tons per month. The company has received many high academic and industry awards for innovation, product quality and its own ideology of high yields and high animal productivity.

Main advantages

The company considers its main achievement to be high quality and availability of its products for farmers.

Innovative aspects

The enterprise is a large-scale production plant, independently develops and manufactures its products from its own raw materials using its own technology, which ensures the stability of the company, high quality and the possibility of a wide range of product prices downward. The enterprise was one of the first to master the production of a humic complex with a low molecular weight, making it an industry standard, and also studied the compatibility and use of microbiological components in the composition of a humic chelator. 

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