Production of gas-vortex bioreactors

07 december 2021, 17:22
Patent applied for but not yet granted
Model, prototype
The company from the science city Koltsovo produces new generation bioreactors for industrial, research and educational purposes.
Invites investors to set up a research laboratory, joint R&D and testing, and organize a joint venture.

The company is engaged in the development of design solutions, we produce laboratory, pilot, industrial bioreactors of various types, multi-platform reactor stations of a new generation with the technology of forming a controlled vortex and automation control systems for laboratory processes.

The company's gas-vortex bioreactors are already in use:

  • for scientific research and production of biological products for agriculture, veterinary medicine and humans
  • in the production of immunobiological preparations for the prevention and treatment of animals
  • in the production of chlorella for the creation of organic cosmetics
  • in the production of feed additives, bio-preparations for plant growing, lar-vicide preparations
  • in the processing of plant materials and the production of biologically active products.

Today the team is developing the third generation of gas-vortex reactors.

Main advantages

The gas vortex bioreactor represents the next step in the evolution of reactor equipment.

The technology of mixing with an air vortex formed by a centrifugal activator, the so-called "non-contact" gentle mixing, is provided due to the pressure difference and friction of the air flow, which provides a delicate but effective mixing without foaming, cavitation, highly turbulent, stagnant zones and zones of local overheating with high rates of mass transfer processes.

Innovative aspects

Advantages of the "controlled vortex" technology in comparison with classical analogs (mechanical mixing):

  • High speed of biotechnological processes (several times faster)
  • High efficiency of the process (mass exchange and biomass yield of cultivated crops is ten times higher)
  • Low price compared to closest competitors (2-5 times cheaper)
  • The versatility of the platform, which allows reproducing various bio-processes without changing the technological connection (growing photosynthetic microorganisms, cell cultures, seaweed, plant cells, cyanobacteria, bacteria / yeast / fungi, etc.)
  • Built-in device for automatic washing and sterilization of equipment
  • Ease of operation, the availability of specialized methodological instructions and descriptions of experiments - the availability of development not only for highly qualified specialists, but also for teachers and students of educational institutions
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