Production of equipment and materials for the creation of "clean" rooms

14 december 2022, 10:14
Already on the market
The Russian company produces materials and equipment that is used to create "clean" rooms at pharmaceutical enterprises, medical institutions, microelectronics factories, and for interior decoration in shipbuilding. Interested in business cooperation in the field of R&D, testing and certification, distribution development.

The company produces a complete set of clean room structures:

- Wall and cladding panels finished in galvanized and stainless steel with a polymer coating or HPL plastic
- Engineering panels with built-in cable channels, plumbing panels for internal piping, exhaust panels with air ducts
- Suspended ceilings from light cassette to load-bearing and fire-resistant
- Luminaires and diffusers for clean rooms
- Aluminum, steel fire-resistant door and window units
- Transfer boxes and air sluices
- Individual designs
In the nearest plans of the company - the development of production capacities under the capacity of the market and the needs of customers. The company conducts its own design research and development. It is planned to create a joint venture with Chinese partners.

Main advantages

Import substitution. The production base is made up of modern, high-tech equipment, which makes it possible to produce high-quality products that are competitive in the Russian and foreign markets.

The company has its own design team, which is able to design any "clean" rooms in the shortest possible time and its own installation teams that install "clean" rooms in any city in Russia and neighboring countries.

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