Production of diagnostic ELISA test systems

01 december 2021, 14:14
Patents Received
Already on the market
A Russian company from the science city of Koltsovo (Novosibirsk region), engaged in the production of diagnostic test systems (reagent kits for enzyme immunoassay for a number of infections), is looking for distributors (trading companies ready to register, import and sell the company's products) and partners who are ready to test and evaluate quality of new products.

Main advantages

The Russian company-developer of innovative multiplex kits for early diagnosis of various diseases produces kits of reagents for enzyme immunoassay for a number of infections for use in medical laboratories.

The original patented technology of the company is based on the use of flat protein matrices with a low density of reagent deposition, capture of conjugates based on colloidal gold, a system for amplifying and stabilizing an optical signal, visual or instrumental recording of results.

These multidisciplinary immunodiagnostic systems based on protein matrices allow the simultaneous determination of many different analytes in a test sample.

Currently, ELISA kits are undergoing the registration process in the register of medical devices on the territory of the Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan.

Innovative aspects

Studies performed using immunochips require less time, reagents and sample volume, they are more informative and cost effective compared to monospecific tests.

The duration of the study using immunochips depends on the test architecture and in most cases does not exceed 60 - 75 minutes.

The staff of the practical laboratory is able to master this technique in one working day - no special training is required.

The structure of the kit allows for both individual studies and screening of large groups of patients.

Both whole blood and plasma or blood serum can be used as the analyzed sample.

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