Production of biological products for plant growing, animal husbandry and organic farming. Food biotechnology.

07 december 2021, 14:01
Secret know-how
Already on the market
A research and production company from Novosibirsk produces concentrates based on humic acids for use in organic farming, animal husbandry and for the production of a non-alcoholic detoxifying drink for humans.
The company offers services of contract manufacturing and packaging of organic and organic fertilizers and environmentally friendly feed additives.
The company is interested in business cooperation, sales expansion in Russia and abroad.

Product line:

- for use in environmentally friendly organic farming and plant growing - for agrotechnical processing (dressing and soaking) of seed materials, seedlings, seedlings and processing (root and foliar feeding) of any plants by spraying during the growing season according to phenophases of development on various types of soils,

- a universal low molecular weight health improving adaptogenic stress corrective organic feed additive to increase the productivity and safety of farm animals,

- soft drink concentrate, functional wellness detoxifier for humans. A source of vital natural humic acids.

The company manufactures products, 80% of which are sold abroad. The company is interested in promoting to the markets of Iran, India, Pakistan, Trutsia, Africa.

The existing production facilities allow the company to provide contract manufacturing services for similar products.

Innovative aspects

- access to high-quality raw materials (available only in Russia), which does not allow foreign competitors to copy the product

- proprietary grinding technology

- agricultural product, especially in combination with mineral fertilizers, consistently gives an increase in yield by 20-25%

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