Production of a polyfunctional agent for plants - bacterial-humic complex

02 december 2022, 17:34
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The Novosibirsk company produces the AFG bacterial-humic complex, for which efficiency has been scientifically proven as a growth regulator, antistress agent, fertilizer and ameliorant. Interested in joint R&D, creation of joint production, sale of a license.

Bacterial-humic complex "AFG" is designed specifically for use in crop production. The output is environmentally friendly (organic) products.

It is used in agronomic processing: dressing and soaking of seed material, seedlings, processing of the root system, processing "by leaf", watering agricultural plants, applying to the soil.

This is a multifunctional agent for bio-support of cultivated plants.

The complex is a combination of saprotrophic bacteria of at least 107 CFU/ml and a ballast-free 4-6% (40-60g/l) aqueous solution of potassium, sodium salts of natural humic acids. Contains 0.2-1.0% fulvic acid as part of the humic complex.

pH 7-9 units

Hazard class: 4th (low hazardous substance) according to GOST 12.1.007-76.

Currently, the company's products are supplied throughout Russia, as well as to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan.

Main advantages

The complex has pronounced fungicidal properties, which allows it to effectively fight plant pathogens that cause rot of roots, fruits, tubers, seedlings, scab of leaves and tubers, spotting and burns of the vegetative mass (leaves, stems, buds and flowers).

As part of its activities, the company cooperates with leading agricultural research institutes of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Novosibirsk State Agrarian University, and major agricultural producers.

The company, in cooperation with partners, lays down experiments and conducts practical work on many crops and soil types in different climatic zones. The product is being tested as a multifunctional plant agent for the following activities: antistress agent, immunomodulator, fungicide, plant growth stimulator.

The company is a member of the Union of Organic Farming.

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