Manufacture of equipment for fermentation of food and drinks

07 december 2021, 17:09
Secret know-how
Already on the market
The company is interested in finding clients and business partners for the production of dehydrated fruits based on our unique VacuStage technology.

The company offers innovative food industry equipment; it develops and produces equipment for fermenting foods and beverages, making it possible to produce all-natural non-alcoholic beverages (kvass, fresh fruit drinks, sbiten, kombucha).

In addition, the company produces innovative raw materials (fruit, berries, meat, fish, bacteria) drying devices.

The company’s staff provides highly professional installation supervision and training for equipment operating.

In 2017, the company received the Novosibirsk region administration Best Exporter award.

Innovative aspects

• Fermented beverage production.

The company experts have reconstructed the pre-revolutionary recipes for kvass, fresh fruit drinks and sbiten, adapting them to fit the contemporary needs.

The equipment specially designed to produce these beverages has no analogues in the market. It allows preserving 100% living microorganisms (such as natural yeast and lactic-acid bacteria) in the product.

The company’s technologists have created nine recipes of naturally fermented kvass, several kinds of fresh fruit drinks, sbiten, starch drinks, and approximately 15 kinds of beer.

• Vacuum biological raw material drier.

The VacuStage technology developed by the company experts consists in gradual changes in pressure and temperature controlled by the processor, which lead to gentle dehydration (draining the foods of water.)

The technology provides a fast and inexpensive way to dry berries, fruit and vegetables while preserving their flavour, colour and smell, as well as up to 95% of micronutrients.

The foods dried with the use of the VacuStage technology have a shelf life of up to 5 years. The equipment allows for up to 50% of energy saving compared to its closest analogues and occupies up to 30% less space.

The costs of the company’s equipment are 30% lower than the costs of its analogues. The company offers a 12-month warranty and valid certificates for the whole product line.

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