Development and production of vacuum spraying equipment

08 december 2021, 19:07
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The Novosibirsk-based company develops and manufactures vacuum deposition units, including automated ones, for microelectronics, optics and scientific research.
Interested in joint research and development, participation in competitions and grants. Offers free advice on the possibilities and benefits of using modern vacuum technology in various industries.

Vacuum spraying equipment is designed to apply various coatings to products in order to impart new properties to them. The thickness of the applied coatings varies from a few nanometers to tens of micrometers. The range of materials that can be sprayed is very wide. These can be metals, dielectrics, inorganic and organic compounds. Thin film deposition methods can be both physical (PVD) and chemical (CVD, ALD).

Vacuum spraying installations, developed and manufactured by the company at the moment for such areas as microelectronics, optics, scientific research, depending on their productivity, are divided into three main groups:

  • compact - convenient for working with piece goods or small batches. Well suited for scientific research, setting technology, learning processes.
  • universal - they have greater productivity, they allow you to work on batches of products in a small series or be used for research activities when a large variability of approaches and analytical tools is required.
  • high-performance - used in factories for the manufacture of large batches of products when the technology is put on stream. Plants of this type are usually manufactured as optimized as possible for a specific technological process.

A separate class of vacuum installations is research one. Each experiment is different in its own way. Installations are always designed taking into account the specifics of a particular experiment or group of experiments.

The units can be supplied with either a semi-automatic control system or fully automated - with control from a personal computer, the ability to control "one button" using pre-recorded process maps.

The company sees great potential in biocompatible coatings.

Applications include: bioactive coatings in dentistry, biocompatible coatings on products (electrodes, stents, pins, etc.), color coding of products, coatings on medical instruments.

The company received and executed a grant from the Fund for the Promotion of Innovations under the "Start" program, as a result of which a special device (magnetron) was developed and patented, which makes it possible to obtain thin-film coatings on products of complex geometric shapes with minimal irrecoverable losses. This is especially true when obtaining coatings from expensive (precious and other rare materials).

The company has manufactured and delivered dozens of different in performance and unique (for the client's technological process) installations throughout Russia. Among the customers are enterprises of Rosatom, Rostec, institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences and private companies.

Main advantages

The company uses in production reliable and time-tested solutions from world leaders in the field of vacuum technology, provides a high degree of customization of equipment for the customer, creates a project taking into account the individual characteristics of the client, offers the setting of the technology if the customer does not own it.

The company actively practices outsourcing and outstaffing as progressive and effective ways to reduce operating costs, which allows keeping costs low without losing quality. In this regard, a network of subcontractors in the areas of equipment production and software development is constantly developing.

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