Development and production of medicines, dietary supplements and veterinary drugs - plant cell concentrates for the main body systems

02 december 2022, 19:07
Secret know-how
Already on the market
The Novosibirsk company, which has been developing and manufacturing drugs that improve the quality of life for more than 20 years, invites you to cooperate in the field of R&D, production and distribution as part of the expansion of production

For more than 20 years, the group of companies has been developing veterinary drugs that stimulate the immune system, dietary supplements and complexes from environmentally friendly natural raw materials and a line of original drugs that support human health and improve the quality of life.

The company's products successfully combine the knowledge of herbs developed by the peoples of Siberia, the best available innovative solutions and proprietary technology, which made it possible to obtain herbal products with a maximum of valuable properties per unit volume.

The line (more than 15 items) of plant cell concentrates allows targeted maintenance of the health of the main body systems.

The company's products are already on the Novosibirsk market. Production capacities allow to produce a sufficient volume of products to expand the geography to other regions of Russia and the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union.

The nearest plans include the continuation of research work, the launch of the production of new specialized concentrates, the completion of studies on the effectiveness of the drug, and the registration of the drug with the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

In the future - business scaling and implementation of a quality system according to GMP standards.

Innovative aspects

- a set of technological solutions applied by the company made it possible to obtain herbal products with a maximum of valuable properties per unit volume (one jar of our concentrate weighing 30 grams contains 2.5 kg of undried medicinal herbs). This is achieved by a unique drying system developed by the company. Humidity of raw materials at the exit is only 4%, unlike analogues - 10% and higher

- grinding to 2 microns - this is the thickness of the cell wall allows you to unlock the full potential of the cell and increase the biological availability of nutrients for the body by 6 times

- there are no additives in the concentrate to increase the volume of the product and therefore more than 2 times more active ingredient in comparison with competitors

- a stable raw material base - we collect environmentally friendly plants in the North Caucasus and Altai

- there is no addiction to drugs, you can change the dosage for the task: treatment / prevention

- long shelf life (2 years), do not require special storage and transportation conditions

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