Development and production of cosmetic products based on bacterial lysates, collagen hydrolysates, herbal extracts

14 december 2022, 10:01
Secret know-how
Already on the market
The Novosibirsk company develops and manufactures anti-aging cosmetic products and invites distributors to cooperate, also the company provides contract manufacturing services.

The company produces cosmetic preparations made from natural ingredients and stimulating the division of basal skin cells. The products are aimed at preventing skin aging, the development of abnormal conditions such as cellulite, linear stretch marks, etc.

In the near future, the company plans to expand the line through the development of new formulations, contract manufacturing of cosmetic products.

Innovative aspects

The company has its own modern production, qualified personnel and a small laboratory for the development of recipes, it has well-established channels for the supply of high-quality raw materials.

The action of manufactured cosmetic products is based on the use of bacterial lysates, culture media and probiotic products, collagen hydrolysates and other proteins of their own production, water-glycerin, propylene glycol, alcohol extracts from natural and environmentally friendly raw materials - herbs, algae, lichens, etc.

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