Design and manufacture of equipment for processing a wide range of organic waste into fertilizers.

07 december 2021, 14:31
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A company from the science city of Koltsovo offers services for the development of non-standard equipment for the disposal of organic waste and their processing into fertilizers, heat energy, and various energy sources.
The company is interested in scientific and technological cooperation, attracting investments, promoting the project in Russia and abroad.

Main advantages

The company develops and is ready to manufacture equipment for the disposal of a wide range of organic waste into popular market products - fertilizers (organic, mineral, biofertilizers), thermal energy, energy carriers (solid - biochar, liquid - pyrolysis resins, gaseous - pyrolysis gases).

The equipment is focused on the circular agroeconomics, taking into account its modern trends - biologization and digitalization.

The company has three units of innovative equipment of its own design:

- multifunctional thermochemical reactor with an annular fluidized rotating bed,

- drum type device,

- rotary vortex dryer-shredder

Innovative solutions make it possible to efficiently and safely dispose of very humid organic waste with a moisture content of up to 80%.

Innovative aspects

A set of innovative equipment is developed according to the LEGO constructor principle, individually for each customer to solve a specific problem.

Main advantages (5-M):

- Multi-technology equipment, it can implement various thermochemical processes (drying, combustion, pyrolysis, gasification)

- Multisource equipment - it is possible to process a wide range of organic agricultural waste (droppings, including high humidity, manure, threshing, peeling, etc.)

- Multi-product equipment, allows you to get different products - heat energy, organic and mineral fertilizers, solid / liquid / gaseous energy carriers, soil structurants, sorbents, materials for filters

- the equipment is easily scalable - it can be manufactured in the range of performance from units of kW to tens of MW

- the equipment is easily adapted to the Mobile version, incl. for standard 20 and 40-foot containers

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Russia , Greece , Latvia
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