Cosmetics based on innovative technologies and natural ingredients

01 december 2021, 15:31
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A Russian company from the science city of Koltsovo (Novosibirsk region), specializing in the development, production and sale of cosmetics based on innovative technologies and natural ingredients, is looking for partners to conclude a distribution agreement

The company manufactures cosmetics based on innovative technologies and natural ingredients. The company has 2 brands:

1. Cosmetics, created with the use of natural ingredients that give comprehensive care for skin. Cosmetics contains an extract of fly agaric and other mushrooms, herbs of the polar North; special complex "Active Silicon"; biothermal and hyaluronic water; extracts of cognac, tequila, martini, absinthe; silver citrate as a preservative. This is a competitive advantage of the production of Siberian cosmetics using natural ingredients that have a healing and regenerating effect. All formulations of cosmetics are patented by the company as an author's development.

2. Skin care, protection and restoration for ladies in big city. The products are made on the basis of imported components of the highest quality. In the basis of cosmetics there are an ANTIPOLLUTION biotechnology, allowing maximum protection from urban pollutants and niosomal complex, providing fast delivery of nutrients to skin cells, as well as active ingredients that allow you to care, protect and restore the epidermis.

Main advantages

Products are created on high-tech equipment in the Novosibirsk science city of Koltsovo by a company created on the basis of a research and production concern with 20 years of experience in the development and production of cosmetics.

Innovative aspects

Cosmetics are developed on the basis of research by biotechnological scientists and professional experts in the field of cosmetology.

The principle of the manufacturer's work is to combine effective natural ingredients with the latest achievements of the global cosmetic industry.

The ingredients and finished products are not tested on animals.

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Russia , European Union
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