Conducting scientific research, testing and determination of the composition of water, wastewater, medicines, dietary supplements, etc. Development of products, methods of analysis

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The Novosibirsk Institute of the SB RAS provides a range of works and services in the following areas: contract research, joint R&D, production of low-tonnage reagents, substances and components, laboratory services for physicochemical and analytical research, lease of space, etc.

The main field of activity of the Research Institute is the conduct of fundamental exploratory and applied scientific research in the following areas:

- study of reaction mechanisms of organic compounds, molecular rearrangements, structure and properties of compounds and active intermediate particles, including quantum-chemical methods for calculating the structure and properties of substances;
-methods for the synthesis of aromatic, organofluorine, heterocyclic and heteroatomic (containing nitrogen, sulfur, etc.) compounds, including quantum chemical methods for calculating the structure and properties of substances;
-development of analytical and instrumental methods for establishing the structure and structure of organic compounds, as well as monitoring environmental objects;
-synthesis, study of properties and formation of organic, hybrid and polymeric materials;
-development of scientific foundations for technologies for obtaining practically important substances and preparations;
-methods and technologies for isolation, chemical nature, reactivity and biological activity of plant metabolites;
-directed synthetic transformations, study of pharmacological properties and mechanism of action of biologically active agents of natural and synthetic origin.

Developments ready for commercialization:

a) NOVOSIL - a natural stimulator of immunity and plant growth

The drug is used for pre-sowing treatment of seeds and spraying plants during their growth. It is used for all types of vegetable, grain and industrial crops, fruit trees and shrubs.

b) IR-EXPERT. Information-analytical system for infrared spectroscopy is designed to solve the following research and practical tasks:

identification of the compound by spectrum; determination of the structure of organic compounds, the spectra of which are not available in the database; verification of compliance of the structure with the spectrum of the compound; elucidation of the spectral manifestation of a structural fragment in a given environment.

c) Aluminotype. A technology for obtaining high-quality images on plates made of anodized aluminum and its alloys. Images are resistant to atmospheric and other external influences.

d) Stabilizers of polymeric materials. Methods for obtaining highly effective, non-toxic, non-staining polymer stabilizers based on 2-tert-butylphenol and its derivatives have been developed: TAB, CO-3, Benzon-P, CO-4, Calixaren.

These compounds are intended for light and thermal stabilization of polypropylene, high and low pressure polyethylenes, polystyrenes, ABC plastics, radiation- or peroxide-crosslinked polyethylenes, epoxy resins, rubbers, etc. stabilizers have a unique combination of useful properties.

e) Biologically active substances (BAS) synthesized and isolated from natural raw materials for use in medicine and cosmetology: (betulin, betulinic acid, borneol (purity 90-99%), lipid fraction of the Siberian fir tree green extract "ABIES SIBIRICA", diglycidyl ethylene glycol ether (95%+ purity), CO-3 stabilizer, triterpene acid concentrate, native ursolic acid (90-98% purity)

The Institute has many years of experience in participating in international projects and programs, cooperates with universities and scientific laboratories in Belgium, Germany, Italy, Holland, France, England, USA, Mongolia, India and other countries within the framework of two and multilateral projects and grants. The subdivisions of the Institute implement commercial research projects (provide services) to companies in a number of Western European countries, the USA, Canada, Japan, China and South Korea.

Main advantages

On the basis of the laboratories of microanalysis, physical methods of research, ecological research and chromatographic analysis, the Testing Analytical Center has been created and is successfully functioning. It is accredited by the Federal Accreditation Service for technical competence and independence for testing. The center is accredited for the identification of organic substances by physical and chemical methods, determination of the composition of drinking and natural water, as well as waste water, various oils and dietary supplements, pyrogenicity and toxicity of drugs, as well as the determination of various biological indicators of experimental animals and their organs.

The center is equipped with modern precision analytical equipment, which makes it possible to carry out research on the analysis of food products, biological media, drugs and environmental objects.

The Institute is the base organization of the Chemical Research Center for Collective Use of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (CRC), which unites unique expensive instruments and installations of chemical institutes of the Novosibirsk Scientific Center in 7 areas: radio spectroscopy, optical spectroscopy, chromato-mass spectrometry, X-ray diffraction analysis and X-ray spectroscopy, microanalysis, toxico-pharmacological analysis and technical service of scientific instruments.

The equipment and competencies of the Center's staff make it possible to conduct research in the field of ecology, biology, chemistry, biochemistry and medicine in accordance with international standards. The center is included in the system of centers for collective use of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research, the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation, the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, and basic laboratories for ecoanalytical control in the Novosibirsk region.

The Toxic and Pharmacological Department of the Center for Collective Use conducts biological tests of chemical compounds, drugs and dietary supplements to determine the pharmacological properties (anti-inflammatory, antiulcer, wound healing, antioxidant, antiarrhythmic, psychotropic muscle relaxant, etc.) and toxicity (acute, subchronic, chronic, cumulation, local and allergenic).

The Center for International Scientific and Technical Network (STN International) and Spectral Information provides information services for fundamental and applied research institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences and universities using the information resources available at the NIOCH SB RAS (STN, REAXYS. SciFinder, INSPEC, SCOPUS, patent databases and collections spectral information libraries). Organizes access to electronic resources provided by various publishing houses of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and the Ministry of Education and Science.

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