The technology of water purification by the method of recrystallization for various industries

Date: 23.03.2016 Active until 15.02.2019
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A Russian company from Novosibirsk specializing in innovation products developments, proposes the technology of water purification by crystallization method (freezing), which can be used in different sectors. The technology allows for purification without chemical absorbents. The company is looking for partners to create a joint venture in Russia or in the partner's country for the development of products based on the proposed technology.
Clean water has always been a serious problem for all of humanity, and each year a growing need for new technological and energy-efficient methods of purifying water are required, including wastewater treatment and seawater desalination.
The Russian company from Novosibirsk is specializes in innovative technologies and research and scientific activities. The flagship project of the company concerns the technology of water purification with separation of the structural fractions (anti-deuterium, brine). The proposed technique is based on physical principle of freezing water at zero degrees Celsius: pure crystalline water has a freezing point of exactly 0 degrees, and the water with dissolved substances (minerals, ions, metals and non-metals, heavy isotopes of oxygen and hydrogen) has a crystallization temperature different from 0 degrees . Thus, having a controlled amount of the freezing process (computer control of the crystallization rate) fraction of pure water can be extracted from water containing impurities (brine).
The company owns the Russian patent for the invention of the small household appliance for water treatment through recrystallization (thawed water). It has technical superiority over the analogues on the market, in particular it features lower power consumption, ability to tune the parameters of purification based on gravity of contamination, ease of waste water disposal.
Currently under development the company has industrial equipment for water treatment of well water (for the needs of the urban water supply system), it has patent pending.
Comparing with the analogues on the market, the proposed technology offers the freezing starting from up and downwards (similar to nature) and not sideways (like in analogues). Both the tank and the heater are made in circular form, which allows for speeding up the process to 30% and increase in the effectiveness of purification. The company has a patent pending for crystalization in flow, which allows for constant process of purification. This last feature is unique and hasn't been implemented in analogues.
Parameters of purification: 10 times decrease in concentration of harmful impurities, including heavy isotopes of hydrogen and oxygen by 45%; better organoleptic properties (taste); energetic effect of purified water; the cost of purification is 0.04 euros per litre (4-5 times cheaper than some of the analogues); purification does not require filters and chemical reagents; the purification device is automatic, no need for skilled personnel.
The company is seeking a partner for a joint venture and the joint development of products for water purification, adapted for the industry.
Partner must specialize in research in the field of water treatment technologies. The cooperation will aim at creating a new legal entity, to create the finished product for the market. The project is planned to be suited for either of the industries: food, pharmaceutical, engineering, energy, agriculture, space industry.
Innovative aspects
The innovative aspect is the simplicity of water treatment - only natural effect of freezing is used, without the use of carbon or membrane filter, without using chemical adsorbents. It is possible to obtain clean drinking water, regardless of the degree of contamination of the source water.
Main offer's advantages
The advantages of the technology are:
- low power consumption (cooling water to 0 degrees is energetically advantageous rather than heating up to 100 degrees),
- the ability to fine-tune the parameters of cleaning flow method (water in the pipe is divided into two factions - clean water and brine),
- waste products are less than 1% of the initial volume, which makes them easier to recycle (there is a possibility of non-waste production),
- scaling-up: maintenance of devices does not require skilled labor, all components and assemblies have reliable performance and are easily replaced (modular design). It is possible to increase the productivity of the treatment plant by adding modules, it is possible to use the technology for large systems (urban water treatment facilities, sea desalination, etc.) as well as micro-(domestic household appliances, medical devices, and others).
Water Pollution / Treatment ; Ecology
Current stage of development
Available for demonstration
Intellectual rights
Patents obtained
Property right comments
A small appliance for cyclical technology (water is poured, prepared and issued without a constant flow) is prepared.
Negotiations undergoing with major producer in the area on the launch of a series of products and their launch to the Russian market.
Several concepts are developed for flow setting devices.
A prototype running of the first flowing type.
Laboratory tests began in November 2015.
Demonstration is available since December 2015. The patent is obtained in 2015
Organization type
Organization size
Market applications
Medicine, health ; Environment protection
Type of collaboration sought
Joint Venture Agreement
Preferred countries
Russia ; United States ; Ukraine ; Belarus ; Germany ; France ; Japan ; Austria ; Belgium ; Bulgaria ; Cyprus ; Czech Republic ; Denmark ; Estonia ; Finland ; Greece ; Hungary ; Iceland ; Ireland ; Israel ; Italy ; Latvia ; Lithuania ; Luxembourg ; Netherlands ; Poland ; Portugal ; Romania ; Slovakia ; Slovenia ; Spain ; Sweden ; Switzerland ; United Kingdom
Collaboration comments
Partner type: SME.
Field of activity: research company, specializing in projects in the areas of water, agriculture, health and other industries in need of water treatment technology
Role: development of a joint product of water treatment product, adapted for the industry under the joint venture company.


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