Technology of production of durable water- and oil-repellent coating for glass surfaces of various purposes

Date: 13.08.2015 Active until 15.02.2019
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Small innovative company from Novosibirsk has developed a technology of the optically transparent water- and oil-repellent coating for the glass surface. The technology is durable (up to 10 years) and easy in application (coating on the glass product can be applied in standard environmental conditions). The coating creates a chemical bond with the glass surface. The company is interested in commercial agreements with technical assistance or joint venture.
Clean windshield gives not only an outward pleasing appearance, but is also important for the safety on road or railways, ensures high-quality stream of light from the illumination device.
Cleaning the glass surface from external pollution is usually performed by hand or a variety of mechanisms. Such manipulations are carried out fairly easily on small areas and with good accessibility of surfaces. However, problems arise on large areas of glass surfaces or in intensive traffic.
Glass with a self-cleaning effect, when the water does not wet the glass surface and easily flows along the inclined surface, or when exposed to the incoming air stream, capturing the particles of dust and dirt, has significant commercial potential not only for transport but also for the shop windows and the surface of solar batteries.
Novosibirsk company has developed a technology of creating the optically transparent water- and oil-repellent coating on glass surface.
Optically transparent water- and oil-repelling coating is created by chemical reactions. A monolayer (i.e., one molecule thick) is formed on the surface of glass; and it is similar to Teflon in chemical properties. The lifespan of the coating exceeds 10 years and can match the lifespan of the glass itself.
The coating is resistant to all environmental influences: temperature, pressure, humidity, cleaning chemicals. It is a smart coating technology with self-cleaning properties.
The technology has been tested (coating has been applied to windshields of about 100 cars in Novosibirsk and Moscow, as well as to shop window in Novosibirsk (exposure over 5 years)). Lab regulations for production of reagents and regulations of application were compiled; experimental batches of reagents were produced. The technology is ready for the market entry.
Possible areas of use:
- Windshields of cars, railroad locomotives, airplanes and helicopters;
- Shop windows and glass panes of business centers;
- Protective glass lamps and other lighting systems.
- Protective glass for solar panels (solar batteries). Mudding of solar batteries (SB) surface significantly reduces the efficiency (up to 40% per month). For industrial SB spread over a large area where the cleaning is performed by robotic systems, the application of the coating could significantly improve the effectiveness of cleaning since no water is required (self-cleaning ensures removal of impurities by wind and rain).
Innovative aspects
Primary innovative aspect is the method of application (chemical reaction proceeds under normal (room) conditions), as well as the creation of chemical bond with the surface which improves durability.
Main offer's advantages
The advantage is the use of completely original components. Also, unlike available various autocosmetics products the proposed coating creates a chemical bond with the glass surface, which greatly increases the lifespan and preserves the functional properties.
Unlike existing chemical analogs, the proposed coverage can be created on the finished product and does not require special conditions.
The coating has self-cleaning properties.
Current stage of development
Available for demonstration – field tested
Intellectual rights
Protected as know-how
Property right comments
Organization size
The coating can be used on transport windshields, solar batteries, shop windows.
Collaboration comments
The partner should be active in production and trade of automobile accessories or chemical production.

The tasks: production and organization of sales of the product under franchise. The product unit: a kit of reagents (+applicator) for treatment of 1 sq.m of glass.

The partner is also expected to assist with creation, development and support of a brand, organization of franchising.


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