Highly efficient substance of nanosilver (cluster silver) for medical, veterinary, food and other industrial purposes

Date: 15.07.2014 Active until 15.02.2019
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Innovation company from Novosibirsk has developed, certified and organized production of highly efficient substance of nanosilver (cluster silver). The substance is non-toxic and allowed for use in food industry. The substance is used in production of silver-containing products for medicine, veterinary medicine, pharmaceuticals, hygiene. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation.
The developed substance of nanosilver is nontoxic and provides wide spectrum of complex antimicrobial, antifungal and antiviral activity, provides anti-inflammatory action, stimulates tissue and blanket immunity. The production of the following medicines is organized on its basis: veterinary preparation for intestinal infections (bacterial, viral and general aetiology), dietary supplement, food stuff (natural preservative), gel, cream and powder with antimicrobial effect.
The company has specifications for use of different drug formulations – water solutions, eye and nasal drops, spray, tablets, powders, sorbents, gels, ointments, bandages. One of the formulations is medical preparation for prevention and cure of bacterial, viral and mixed etiology diseases, available in water solution, powder and tablets form. The preparation for prevention and cure of respiratory infections and ENT diseases, such as rhinopharyngitis, adenoiditis, sinusitis, pharyngitis granulosa, chronic tonsillitis and ear infections, SARS, acute respiratory infections, flu; available in spray, nasal drops, resolving pill forms. Preparation for treatment of infected and chronic wounds, available in gel, ointment, bandage forms. The mentioned diseases are the most widespread, sales volumes for treatments take lead positions on the market, demand is growing.
Innovative aspects
Innovation aspect of technology is the use of high efficient substance of nanosilver, with complex antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal activity and anti-inflammatory action
Main offer's advantages
The advantage is that, comparing to the traditional preparations of colloidal silver, the proposed products have higher efficiency and stability (due to smaller particles). Preparations can be issued in different forms and prophylactic means. The preparations have no harmful effect on mucous membrane. The preparations are nontoxic and have no side effects. The use of preparations allows getting well sooner. The substances have been clinically tried in surgery, trauma, dermatology, ophthalmology, gastroenterology, otorhinolaryngology, stomatology, veterinary medicine. The results are published in science journals, presented at conferences
Pharmaceutical Products / Drugs ; Food Additives / Ingredients
Current stage of development
Already on the market
Intellectual rights
Patents obtained
Property right comments
There are patents obtained in Russia in 2005 and later. The technology of obtainment of nanosilver substance hasn’t been patented and exists as know-how. Further patenting with the found partner is possible.
Organization type
Organization size
Market applications
Medicine, health ; Pharmaceutical/cosmetics
Type of collaboration sought
Technical Co-operation ; Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance ; Joint Venture Agreement ; Manufacturing agreement (Subcontrating & Co-contracting)
Preferred countries
Collaboration comments
The partner is a production company active in development and production of medical, veterinary preparations and interested in widening of production with creation of new preparations using the certified nanosilver substance.
Food producers interested in using nontoxic natural preseravative.
The partner role: development, certification and organization of production of new silver-containing preparations and their adaptation to international market.


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