Automated hydroponic complex for agriculture

Date: 08.05.2014 Active until 15.02.2019
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A Russian company from Novosibirsk has developed an automated hydroponic complex for agriculture. The complex can be used for energy efficiency solutions at farms and for autonomy of energy power with renewables. The company is looking for partner for technical cooperation and commercial agreement
A Russian company has developed an automated system for use on farms of various size. It ensures the functioning of vegetable complexes of protected ground with minimum human involvement until harvest period. The developed device is a complex system of automation of the process of vegetation crops, nearly eliminates human intervention. The uniqueness lies in the versatility of the proposed technology for controlling a wide variety of processes. This hardware-software complex is based on the 1-Wire technology, it allows solving different issues, including in agriculture, namely: automating greenhouses (mostly small) and production of green fodder during the stabling of cattle.
Technical features of the device: full monitoring system for temperature; humidity; component composition of the liquid mixtures (hydroponic nutrient solution or others); voltage and current. Management of executive devices: irrigation; microclimate in the greenhouse and other areas; adjustments to the composition of the solution, depending on the phase of plant growth. The system is represented by software and hardware systems, works with any type of digital and analog sensors. Processing data from each sensor is made to its management software module actuators. For example, the management of multiple heating valves occurs by measuring the temperature in each zone.
The system can be most effective in the management of marginal sources of thermal energy, such as solar collectors. The system allows you to programmatically control switching coolant flow.
The company was established in 2012, it is engaged in the improvement of devices and laboratory testing of the system. The company is ready for serial production of the device, training of personnel to carry out installation and commissioning to the final consumer.
Innovative aspects
Unlike the existing automation systems of hydroponic growing season, the proposed system can be easily adjusted to the new parameters, it is modularly scalable with new sensors and actuators, which gives the economy a significant competitive advantage in the planning of crop rotation in greenhouse acreage and market change of produced assortment. The universality of hydroponic technology allows using them not only for the production of fruits and vegetables. This technology is widely used in animal breeding to produce green fodder in the stall period, as well as feeding vitamin supplements.
Main offer's advantages
The proposed system can be easily adapted for such tasks, as well as a for specific needs. The system is easy to install, configure and use. In addition, the system can be easily installed and operated with limited energy resources. It's enough to use solar cells with power starting with 5VA. Using a more powerful alternative energy sources allows creating a completely self-contained hydroponic energy complex. Operation of such a complex requires minimal human intervention.
Automation, Robotics Control Systems ; Electronic circuits, components and equipment / Electronic engineering ; Electrical Engineering and Technology / Electrical Equipment ; Energy Saving and Conservation ; Energy Transmission and Conversion ; Agriculture Machinery / Technology ; Horticulture
Current stage of development
Available for demonstration – field tested
Intellectual rights
Patents obtained
Property right comments
The sowtware is certified in 2014. The applications for patent are being prepared
Organization type
Organization size
Market applications
Agriculture - Forestry ; Food - agro industry
The complex can be used for energy dependence alleviation in scarce power supply at farms; it is upscalable to power autonomy with only renewables available.
Type of collaboration sought
Technical Co-operation ; Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance
Preferred countries
Russia ; Belarus ; Germany ; France ; Japan ; Austria ; Belgium ; Bulgaria
Collaboration comments
The partner should be specialized in servicing of agricultural enterprises, farms, including maintenance of hydro- and energy infrastructure. The task is to introduce the complex at agricultural enterprises with the aim to raise economic efficiency.


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