Vortex and cavitation technology of biogas production in utilization of liquid organic waste on poultry, pig and industrial farms

Date: 17.03.2014 Active until 15.02.2019
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A Russian company has developed the technology of processing of biological waste using gas-vortex reactor, which has ultra-low power consumption, accelerates the process of bioutilization and increases biogas yield per unit time. Laboratory tests are successfully conducted. The company is looking for partners for technical cooperation (further joint research), upscaling of technology, joint research.
Disposal of organic liquid wastes obtained at poultry and pig farms causes difficulties associated with the chemical composition of the waste. These wastes cannot be directly used on the fields as fertilizer, and disposal of this waste in treatment plants of cascade type is costly.
The existing methods of waste disposal at poultry and pig farms in specialized bioreactors with agitators are ineffective due to the length of utilization and a relatively small volume of biogas yielded per unit time.
The proposed technology is based on a patented high-performance gas-vortex reactor with a fundamentally new way of mixing as well as a cavitator that provides grinding, disinfection of waste and the strains of microorganisms hyperproducers and biodestructors, customized for each farm (poultry, hog, etc.) and the region.
The technology significantly reduces the time of utilization and increases the amount of biogas yielded per unit time.
Innovative aspects
The novelty of the technology is defined by two patented innovations: gas-vortex bioreactor and rotary - pulsation cavitator.
Rotary - pulsation cavitator works on the principle of rupture of continuum fluid followed by collapse of air bubbles. It provokes the disintegration and dispersion of biowaste particles with simultaneous sterilization of the reaction mass. The obtained sterile suspension is nutrient medium for microorganisms - organic waste recyclers.
Gas vortex bioreactor is a new generation installation that does not have analogues in the principle of mixing. The device performs an efficient mixing of the medium, including the viscous one, with low energy costs (5-8 times lower than the machines with a stirrer) and provides optimal conditions for the growth of microorganisms. Specific power costs for stirring of 10m3 in gas vortex bioreactor are only 0.1 W/litre, which are a few times lower than in conventional reactors.
Technology proposes to use consortia of hyperproducer strains, processors of biowaste accumulated specifically for the client.

Main offer's advantages
Advantages of the technology are: significant increase in biogas yield per unit time, reduction in time required and disposal area, obtainment of disinfected fertilizers. The method is safe to use.
Recycling, Recovery ; Biotreatment / Compost / Bioconversion
Current stage of development
Under development / lab tested
Intellectual rights
Patents obtained
Property right comments
USA application and Europatent application in 2013 for gas vortex bioreactor
Russian patent of 2008 and 2010 for cavitator
Organization type
Organization size
Market applications
Waste management ; Agriculture - Forestry
Laboratory tests have proven microbiological purity (sterility) obtained after cavitation treatment of biowaste and a significant acceleration of terms of microbiological treatment in gas-vortex bioreactor.
Gas-vortex bioreactors are successfully used in various industrial microbiological processes (production of vaccines, protection of plants, animals and a wide range of other microbiological products).
Type of collaboration sought
Technical Co-operation ; Commercial Agreement with Technical Assistance ; Further research
Preferred countries
Russia ; United States ; Ukraine
Collaboration comments
The required partners:
1) a microbiological research institute or a university for selection and creation of hyperproducer strains, monitoring their activity.
2) companies operating in bioutilization (developers of new equipment or users of the traditional one), interested in the approbation of a new, effective and scalable bioutilization technology


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