Technology for production of a household appliance for automated preparation of drinking melt water without artificial filters and chemical additives

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A Russian company from Novosibirsk developed a technology for production of an automated devices for making clean and healthy drinking water. The treatment method is based on the principle of natural water purification through freezing and melting, without artificial filters and chemical additives. The company is interested in a license agreement.
Thawed (recrystallized) water is a result of melting of ice, formed by freezing the original volume of water. Due to crystalline structure of ice, the presence of impurities in the crystal lattice, including various dissolved salts, is minimal. Since the pure water and contained impurities/ salts have different freezing temperatures, the ice crystal lattice “pushes out” the impurities to the non-freezing fraction, which can be easily separated from the remaining pure water.

In comparison with tap water and artesian water, melt water is soft, it contains no harmful impurities, the concentration of heavy metals is negligible, pH value in it is greater by 0.2 - 0.5 units, the hydrogen peroxide concentration is larger and there is less oxygen.

Filtered water is a product of chemical and/or ion-exchange treatment, which removes completely some of the elements from water, but introduces other substances from the filter itself. In comparison with filtered and bottled water, ice water contains the necessary for people mineral composition, and does not contain antibiotics, preservatives, flavorings and other artificial additives.
Useful properties of melt water can be actively used in the production of cosmetics, food, especially aimed at anti-ageing and prolonged healthy life.

To date, the melt water is present at the market only in the form of bottled water. However, this technological option may nullify all useful properties of melt water, since the question of their preservation in time ("memory") is not investigated. In addition, the price of commercially available water is comparable with the prices of premium bottled water, even without the delivery costs.

Preparation of melt water at home is a complex and time consuming process. Manual water freezing in fridge makes it impossible to regulate and control the freeze rate.

The Russian company from Novosibirsk has developed a technology of production of domestic technical systems (devices) for preparation of melt water. The principle of operation of the device is simple: the working volume is filled with raw water; the device automatically analyzes its main parameters (temperature, etc.) and chooses the appropriate mode of preparation (time, speed, modes of the process). At the freezing phase, the device sets the timing for impurities to be separated (to form a "brine") and pours it off into a separate container (tray) or drains. Without the impurities, ice undergoes "soft" defrosting resulting in the melt drinking water.
The device has a number of additional automatic features, including self-cleaning, which helps to maintain the hydrosystem clean. The device is easy to use and maintain, it is fully automated. To prepare the device for use, one only needs to pour in water (1,7 liters). Further preparation of melt water (6-8 hours) goes in automatic mode. In economic terms, the cost of 1 liter of melt water is about 5 times less than the cost of bottled water.
Thus, the technology makes this kind of water much more available for consumers, while maintaining its useful properties.
The device’s parameters:
Power consumption (at 220V/~50Hz): 280W
Dimensions: 387 mm (W) x 377 mm (D) x 363 mm (H). Weight: 12 kg.
Performance of the device is 3 liters of melt water per day.
Innovative aspects
The major innovation of the technology is its implementation in the form of an automated system for home preparation of melt water directly by the consumer. At the moment, there are no implemented and tested analogs of this technical system in the market.
The conducted official tests displayed the following advantages:
1) Technology is able to work with different sources of water with different concentrations of soluble inorganic impurities, including natural water from wells, tap water, bottled drinking water and even sea water.
2) Regardless of the source and composition of the raw water, the device is capable of producing an end product that has a stable structure with a reproducibility of 10-15%.
3) Technology fits into the existing range of methods for obtaining thawed and purified water. By the effectiveness of water treatment, it exceeds household filters by 20-25%.
4) Compared with household filters, technology advantage is obvious – there is no need to change the cartridges and there are no introductions of additional impurities of unknown nature, since the filter function is performed by a natural process of freezing - thawing.
The technology is fully developed, field tested and already at the market; it is ready for rapid deployment into industrial production. It is easy to accommodate, according to the partner’s economic and industrial needs and capacities. All necessary technical documentation and specification are available.
Main offer's advantages
Current stage of development
Already on the market
Intellectual rights
Protected as know-how
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Organization size
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- Type of partner sought: company, individual

- Specific area of activity of the partner: instrument making, medicine, biotechnology, cosmetics;

- Tasks to be performed: adaptation and implementation of the technology in mass production on the basis of the transferred "know-how"


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