Immunostimulating drug against a wide range of viral and bacterial diseases in animals enhancing the effect of vaccination to 98 per cent.

Date: 01.01.2012 Active until 15.02.2019
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A company from the Science Town of Koltsovo (Russia) offers an immunostimulating drug for prevention and treatment of various diseases in animals, including leptospirosis, brucellosis, yersiniosis, listeriosis, bird / swine flu, etc. The drug activates the elements of the immune system responsible for antibacterial and antiviral protection of the organism. The company is interested in license or commercial agreement with technical assistance, technical cooperation and / or a joint venture.
The company offers an antiviral and immune-stimulating drug of a new generation.
The main mechanism of drug action is the induction of interferon and activation of phagocytic macrophages. The drug is an effective stimulator of humoral and cellular components of the immune system and has a strong interferon-inducing activity. It is designed to correct immunodeficiency in animals, forming a stable immune response in vaccinated. Also the drug is used as an adaptogen which increases the non-specific resistance of the animal to a wide range of harmful effects in poor conditions.
The drug is a composition of biologically active substances obtained from animal stem cells by an original technology. The drug is produced in a form of sterile powder. It can be applied both as an injection (for some animals) or aerosol (if there is a large number of animals in enclosed spaces). The drug is a veterinary pharmaceutical. It stimulates the functional activity of macrophages and interferon synthesis. The effective dose of the drug is 0.1 – 0.25 mg per 1 kg of animal weight.
Innovative aspects
Using the drug in livestock and poultry farming the ability to survive of newborn poultry increases from 80 to 96 per cent and newborn pigs from 75 to 90 per cent.
As shown by research on chicks, the control group by the end of the experiment (3.5 weeks) had 80% survived chicks. At the same time in the experimental group (drug injected by aerosol spray) survival of population was 100%, and the chickens in the experimental group had gained 75-80 grams of weight more than the chickens in the control group.
The drug belongs to a class of low-hazard chemicals, has no toxic properties.
The drug has the ability to effectively stimulate the non-specific resistance of the body, components of the immune system in health and disease, and promotes growth and interferon-inducing action.
The drug usage for prevention of infectious diseases in animals raises the concentration of interferon by 9-12 times, which provides effective protection of the organism.
The product can be widely used in veterinary medicine as a preventive and therapeutic agent for viral diseases, diseases involving disorders of the immune system, as well as adaptogenic and growth-promoting agent in rearing.
Main offer's advantages
Biology / Biotechnology ; Animal Production / Husbandry ; Veterinary Medicine
Current stage of development
Available for demonstration – field tested
Intellectual rights
Protected as know-how
Property right comments
The patent application is being prepared.
Organization size
Market applications
Biotechnology ; Veterinary ; Agriculture - Forestry
Collaboration comments
- Type of partner sought: company, laboratory, or research institute
- Specific area of activity of the partner: microbiology, veterinary, pharmaceutics

- Tasks to be performed: technical assistance in product testing and certification (if a partner is a company, laboratory or research institution), assistance in production and marketing (if a partner is a company).


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