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Technology of Cell Cultivation and Biotechnology Products Manufacturing with the Gas Vortex Gradientless Bioreactors

Russian small-size innovation company located in Novosibirsk Research Centre offers to organize series production of patented gas vortex gradientless bioreactors. The device is designed to manufacture any biotechnology product. Technology can be efficiently used to cultivate virtually any type of cells including embryonic ones and microorganisms. Industrial applications demonstrate complete repeatability of laboratory results and high economic efficiency. The company is looking for industrial partners to organize joint manufacturing of bioreactors and/or to manufacture biotechnology products with the use of the bioreactors.


The technology for introducing probiotics and prebiotics into therapeutic&prophylactic foodstuffs

A small private Russian company specializing in development of therapeutic-and-prophylactic foodstuffs and respective manufacturing technologies, has developed a technology for introducing probiotics and prebiotics, as well as vitamin complexes and other useful additives, into therapeutic&prophylactic foodstuffs like wafers, pastry, jams, jellies. A technology for industrial production of muesli is under development. The company is looking for partners interested in production of these foodstuffs for a technical co-operation, commercial or license agreement.

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